Restaurant Business Inc. Advertorial: Summer 2014

Today’s diners try to be “good” when eating out, but that often means sacrificing flavor. By creating a two-spread editorial advertisement (advertorial) in Restaurant Business, Inc. magazine, we educated operators on delicious products and creative culinary ideas from Unilever Food Solutions. As a UFS partner they can make good taste a whole lot better and give health-seeking patrons craveable options.

The light, airy design paid homage to the lighter food options and the infographic style highlighted products and interviews while adding flavor to the photography. The ultimate goal in a magazine full of articles, insights, and trends for foodservice operations was to “break the book” in a way that was interesting, eye-catching, and informative enough that operators stopped to view the information rather than thumbing past.

Creative Direction: Mike Dockery
Art Direction/Design: Mikaela Buck
Copywriting: Megan Brammeier