The Buzz About Bees: November 2016

Bees are a big deal. Believe it or not, these teeny fliers are vital to our survival. Unfortunately, we haven’t done a great job at keeping our planet healthy and since the late 1980s a phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder has been depleting pollinators by the millions. 

This animation, born out of research and interest in infographics, was created through the Communication Design Department Data Visualization course at Texas State University. Learn a bit more about the situation and the steps you can take to improve life for our pollinating buddies and in turn our own.

Stop Motion—elements were designed using Adobe Illustrator then printed on/cut from Neenah Paper white card stock and displayed on a background of Neenah Astrobrights paper. The motion was recorded using an iPad and the Stop Motion Studio app (the onion skin feature was incredibly helpful). Text was added later using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro. 

Animation/sound—were accomplished through the use of Adobe Premiere Pro and careful selection of tracks from the Texas State University Communication Design Department Sound Library.  

Design and Animation: Mikaela Buck