Cedar Creek High School Football Logos: May 2016

Cedar Creek High School Football is a young program that has had several coaches in it's short life. In the first full season with Athletic Coordinator and Head Coach Jon Edwards, the team doubled their win record and made it to the playoffs. To celebrate and reinforce this momentum Coach Edwards requested custom helmet decals for game day, Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Out game, Hope Strong Gold Out game, and, of course, a decal to show off that Texas pride.

Decals—lower tac decals were made to be replaceable throughout the season. The Texas Eagle (aka Teagle) was placed on the back of the helmet on regular game days with the school color CC (blue or white) on one side with the Texas CC on the opposite side. Pink Out and Gold Out CCs were placed on the left side of the helmet with the Teagle on the opposing side and a small solidarity ribbon placed and the nape of the helmet.

Art Direction/Design: Mikaela Buck
Photography: Mike Valiska